• 10 detached villas in the countryside

    • 10 detached villas in the countryside

    • 10 detached villas in the countryside

    “Residents will really feel they are one with their surroundings thanks to the long sightlines and extensive views.”

    Living in the countryside now on sale

    Buitenvoorde is situated in the Vlietvoorde plan area in Leidschendam-Voorburg, part of the Duivenvoordencorridor; a green corridor between the coastal dune area and the Green Heart. The special and natural character of the area will be restored and enhanced. Buitenvoorde is a landscape of 2.3 hectares in which ten architectural villas will be built. Among the lush green areas, near the water of the Vliet and surrounded by century-old country estates and farm buildings, acting as characteristic landmarks. Also, Buitenvoorde lies within a stone’s throw from the urban life of The Hague and Leiden, something you hardly notice locally thanks to the rural tranquillity, the fact that you are surrounded by nature and the water with its soft banks. The ten villas of Buitenvoorde are organically incorporated into the rural landscape, which means the green carpet runs right up to the front door.

    The villas are fully detached, with green corridors between private and public areas. The long sightlines out towards the surrounding greenspace, Castle Duivenvoorde and Noorthey, a former country estate, give you the feel of an organically designed whole.

    In Buitenvoorde, residents and visitors are guests of the countryside, which is why the villas have been built with respect for the countryside

    David Hendriks – Blauwhoed

    Where is Buitenvoorde?

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